You’ve heard of the Grammy’s awarding those who excel in music. You’ve heard of the Oscar’s honoring those who put on a phenomenal performance in movies. Now get ready for the TEPSBEST awards acknowledging the BEST employees in various areas of the restaurants. There will be over 15 awards handed out at our annual holiday party to honor our employees as a token of appreciation for all the hard work that they do. We’re as strong as we are because our team is full of A-players and it is important to remind them that they are awesome.

Check out some awards that’ll be given out:

Best Dish Detailer

Who knew that there was a fancier way to say “dishwasher?” This is for the dishwasher who goes above and beyond to make sure the chefs always have clean dishes to use.

Perfect Attendance

A blast from the past of our grade school days, for the person who never misses a beat and would come into work even if we were closed.

Most Creative

For the best expo person who can plate the nicest, cleanest, and neatest meals.

Wicked Knife Skills

For the person who can slice and dice like nobody’s business.

Cook of The Year

Who’s the best cook of them all?

Most Requested Server

The popular server because they’re the best at serving.

Innovative Bartender

For the bartender who knows when it’s time to give you water instead of vodka.

Hostess With the Mostest

The hosts with the mostest doing it the TEPSBEST-est.

Because here at TEPSBEST, we value our employees deeply. Be sure to check back for the list of winners!!