It is no secret that Trackside Station Grill & Bar has an extensive list of crazy cocktails. With their new bright cocktail menu, it is hard not to be captivated by the delicious drinks staring back at you – and who doesn’t love a good souvenir cocktail!?

With a list of choices and different mixes of flavors, it can be hard to choose which drink you want to try. From hurricanes to fishbowls to yards, you seriously cannot go wrong. But if you are indecisive like me, we created a list of our top 4 cocktails you have got to try!

Our top 4 crazy cocktails at Trackside Station Grill & Bar:


Because who doesn’t need a little vacation? Feel like you are on a tropical island with a refreshing blend of mango vodka, coconut vodka, pineapple, mango puree, coconut water and grenadine. Served in a 20oz fishbowl and topped with sugar gummies, how can you resist?!


Go big or go home! Feel like Captain Jack with a giant 46oz fishbowl filled with silver rum, strawberry rum, orange rum, coconut rum, triple sec, banana liquor, blue curacao, sour and sprite. We now know where all the rum has gone. Enhance this delicious blue drink even more with a #sidepiece hanging shot with, you guessed it, MORE RUM!


You don’t have to go to a concert or a festival for a frozen yard – we’ve got you covered at Trackside! With three delicious flavors, there is something for everyone’s taste buds! Choose from our green watermelon margarita, blue raspberry vodka or berry cherry rum. Just watch out for the brain freeze. (;


We’d recommend enjoying this drink with a partner, but we won’t judge if you sip this 64oz mega down solo. A mix of vodka, rum, gin, tequila, watermelon pucker and cranberry juice, you won’t need to order another drink. Oh, and don’t forget about the two Mike’s Hard Cranberry Lemonades sticking out of the glass. Yeah, we went there.

What is your favorite crazy cocktail to enjoy at Trackside? Let us know and follow us on Instagram and Facebook!