If you’ve ever questioned whether or not working in a restaurant is right for you, let me tell you that there’s a spot for everyone. The first thing that may come to mind is being a server or a bartender which can be off-putting for some, but there are so many ways to contribute besides being in front of the house. There’s an entire kitchen staff waiting to embrace you here at Trackside Station Grill & Bar.

A Prep Cooks Perspective

Take it from me, an introverted wallflower who likes being in the spotlight only sometimes. I started off as a dishwasher which surprised everyone because a 90lb girl with pink hair wanted to do the dirtiest job you can have in a restaurant. The most common question I get after the initial shock from people is “why aren’t you a server or a hostess?” Well because, I’m a pantry cook and a dishwasher who doesn’t see herself being in front just yet.


In the summer, I worked as a hostess which introduced me to the restaurant business as a whole, and when I saw the energy that radiated from the kitchen I knew that that was something I wanted to be apart of in some way. When I walked into Trackside, I was determined to leave with a job in the back. After hitting it off with the Chef, we agreed that I’d be hired as a dishwasher first. Dishwashing is not as easy as everyone thinks, but there’s no such thing as being bad at washing dishes-trust that it takes time. When I adjusted to the new gig, I knew I had to make some changes and fully indulge myself into the TEPSBEST family. When I told Chef I wanted to work full time, he was ecstatic and happily  offered me a position in pantry.


Pantry is your salads and desserts (baked goods and ice cream). I’ve worked in a few ice cream and dessert shops so the position was fitting, and I had the opportunity to learn something new. If you’ve never worked pantry, it is nothing like making homemade salads. You have to know what goes into each salad, how to be neat with presentation, and you have to be efficient. It took me a few training sessions and good ol’ fashioned mistakes to grasp pantry as a whole. I’ve only recently went an entire shift without messing up, and to finally master the salad that was difficult for me, is a rewarding feeling.

To go from being someone with no kitchen experience to a salad connoisseur only proves that if you want something you really have to put your all into it. As cliché as it sounds, it’s true because the only thing standing in the way of what you want is you.

The biggest thing that I’ve learned from being a pantry cook is that if you’re serious, other people will take you serious and help you reach your goals in the process. “Learn everything so you can do everything” is something I live by because you get more opportunities and respect when you are proactive. I could’ve stayed a dishwasher getting less than ten hours a week, working a miserable second job. I’ve been putting myself out there more and the kitchen staff have been super patient and always willing to help when I need it.


Everything takes some adjusting to but once you grasp it, you have it forever. Working in an environment where pressure rises at high speeds, it’s good to be prepared and surrounded by people who not only want you to be successful, but to be successful themselves. You have to start from somewhere and so long as you bring the drive to take it, TEPSBEST will nourish you and help shape you into the person you want to be.

But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself and apply today!