It’s time for a tap takeover! Wicked Weed will be taking over 4 of our taps on Friday, March 30th from 4-8pm. Join us at Trackside Station Grill & Bar for an evening of live music, wicked taps and delicious food!

Wicked Weed

Wicked Weed’s beer is forward-thinking, ingredient-focused and a direct reflection of their need to create. With over 20 craft beers more unique than the last, Wicked Weed knows how to make a statement with their taps.

Check out the 4 beers that will be taking over our taps at Trackside!

Freak of Nature
San Francisco inspired hoppy monster. At 8% abv and who knows how many ibu’s, this beer is our shrine to the Hop. Absurd amounts of the big West Coast hops gives this beer its citrusy, weedy nose and big, dank flavor. We dry hop with 48lbs per batch, which is over 3lbs of hops per barrel. In keeping with the classic style of the West Coast double, sugar plays a large part in creating this dry and minimally bitter double IPA. The Freak is particularly pintable for the style, so if you dare to enter, we welcome you to the Freak Show.

Formerly named East Side or Die IPA, Pernicious is our flagship India Pale Ale. With minimum malt complexity, we dry hop this beer with nearly twice the normal amount of hops typical to this style. The combination of juicy, tropical fruit-forward hops with heavy resinous American hops is the epitome of a West Coast IPA, made right here in the Southeast.

Napoleon Complex
A small-statured pale ale with a larger than life attitude. Ignoring, the industry standard of diminutive hop presence and mild manner, this pale ale will have most IPA’s contemplating their inadequacy. Little beer, big flavor, even bigger ego.

Lunatic Blonde
This ale is made with Belgian noble hops and our Belgian yeast. This combination imparts a wonderfully complex, spicy, clove aroma and subtle dried apricot and biscuit-like flavor. This golden ale is a wonderful entry-level Belgian beer for anyone unsure of Belgian styles.

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