East Stroudsburg will soon welcome a family-fun and sports enthusiast restaurant, Trackside Station Grill & Bar.

The new restaurant constructed by owner Troy Nauman has been based on public suggestions. Community members were asked to place restaurant requests for the former Dansbury Depot site on the “Crystal Street Restaurant Project’s” Facebook page. Many suggested a restaurant where they can treat their families and cheer on their favorite teams.

“This will be a family, workforce, businessmen (women), young-old restaurant, all will feel welcome and not out of place,” owner, Troy Nauman stated. After deliberating over the name of the restaurant, Troy’s team decided on Trackside Station Grill & Bar. “We wanted online casino a name that rang true and symbolized East Stroudsburg’s railroad rich history,” explained Troy to describe his vision for the restaurant.

Although the restaurant is still under construction, the team is focused on creating a place that parallels both the history of East Stroudsburg while incorporating a modern home feel. We should expect Trackside Station Grill & Bar’s doors to open early February 2012.