The Owners


Michael Tepedino and Diane Tepedino enthusiastically lead the innovative TEPSBEST, Inc. Restaurant Group, based out of the Poconos. TEPSBEST currently includes Trackside Station Grill & Bar and Garlίc Restaurant & Bar, and is on the brink of expansion.

For more than 6 years, Michael and Diane have been at the helm of the ever-growing Trackside Station Grill & Bar in East Stroudsburg. With Trackside’s continued success, just three years later, Michael and Diane were able to open Garlίc Restaurant & Bar in Stroudsburg. Since its inception, Garlίc has also witnessed strong, consistent growth. With two thriving businesses in the Poconos, Michael and Diane are ready to expand the TEPSBEST Restaurant Group by bringing its superior quality food and service to new markets.

Michael and Diane were brought together at the original Liquid Martini Bar. Michael held a second job as a bouncer and Diane was a bartender. In addition to bouncing nights, Michael always worked a corporate sales job, while Diane attended college. It was at Liquid where it all began. When Liquid moved across town to the same building that Trackside Station Grill & Bar was located in and went up for sale, Michael and Diane knew that this was the once in a lifetime opportunity that they needed.  

On one side of the spectrum, Trackside Station was opened with the concept of affordable, mouthwatering favorites, while Liquid Martini Bar boasted continued success in modern fine dining. After three years of Liquid’s continued growth and popularity, but limited dining space and kitchen capacity, Michael and Diane opened Garlίc Restaurant & Bar in Stroudsburg in order to accommodate the growth and interest in a superior fine dining experience. Garlίc Restaurant & Bar specializes in new twists on American cuisine favorites.

When looking back at all of the success these two have had in such a short period of time, they are just grateful for what they have achieved and say they could not have done it without their young, brilliant, and innovative team that are always creating with one parallel vision!