Brodheadsville, Monroe County – A grocery shopping surprise moved a cashier to tears this afternoon but they weren’t tears of sadness.

A man who owns two Monroe County Restaurants, Trackside Station and Garlic, brought his management team to Kinsley’s Shoprite in Brodheadsville Thursday. They had quite a surprise to share with customers.

Michael Tepedino smiled, “This is gonna be fun. This is exciting.”

He watched the registers as a mischievous smiled played across his face. It was evidence that he was hiding a secret.

He approached unsuspecting shoppers and announced, “Today, I’m going to pay for your groceries.”

With $2,000 cash in his pocket, he spread cheer across the checkout lines.

Raffi Kadin’s Bill was about $60. He reacted, “I was completely blown away.”

Frances Wylie owed more than $100. She said, “This is unbelievable. I’m really surprised. Thank you so much.”

Every time Michael paid a bill, cashier Suzanne Vence cried happy tears. She said, “I just think that’s a very sweet and kind thing to do. I would love it if more people in the world were like that.”

Customers left with full hearts and full shopping carts. “It was really exciting. I love giving back. I feel good. They feel good,” smiled Tepedino.

In all, the crew paid for groceries for about 25 families.