By: Eyewitness News

Updated: November 4, 2011

East Stroudsburg, Monroe County – Many people in Monroe County have been waiting more than a year for this announcement. Developer Troy Nauman has announced what will replace the old Dansbury Depot in East Stroudsburg.

It will be a new restaurant called the Trackside Station Grill and Bar. “I”m actually really excited,” said Alyssa Kolcun of East Stroudsburg.

The Dansbury Deopt restaurant burned down two years ago. The community fought to save the old place and move it across the tracks. You will be able to see the historic depot building from the new restaurant. Bob Lane of East Stroudsburg said, “It”ll be a good thing for the whole neighborhood here really I think once it gets rolling.”

The community helped decide the name. Nauman asked for input on a Facebook page. He said many people suggested a family friendly sports bar, so that”s what he is putting in. Kolcun reacted, “I thought it was a good vote. I”m excited.”

Nauman believes the The SBA assures its audience that the facts of the notifications are:If your company is covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act, you must provide a written notice to your employees about the Health medi cal insurance Marketplace by October 1, 2013. name symbolizes East Stroudsburg”s rich rail road history. Many people like the tie in. Carolie Labar-Lane did not. She said, “I think that people are hanging on to something that has gone by and they still want to keep it.”

The grill and bar will be modern. Its website advertises 20 HD TVs plus a family friendly menu  and a wide selection of drinks.

Kolcun, who is a student at East Stroudsburg University, is looking forward to having a sports bar right around the corner from campus. She believes having a new restaurant as an anchor could revitalize the downtown. She explained, “I think it would bring a lot of good people to the street so I think it will clean it up better, make it look nice, bring in new people, bring in money and stuff.”

The new Trackside Station is expected to open in February.


Source: PA Homepage